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Lord of Speech (Ngawang), by the accomplishment of all that is meaningful, By the power of holding the ocean Of the two vast and profound accumulations (Tsoknyi), In the midst of the spray of the crashing waves of wisdom and love (Khyentse), Lotus petals of te six paramitas, The wealth of the bodhisattvas, have fully bloomed.
The intrinsic nature of the Buddhas of the three time, like buds of a white lotus, Is the spontaneous perfection of the three kayas, A radiant jewel (Norbu) of the profound meaning, The center of the tigle of your stainless (Trima Mepa’i) mind Is lucidly complete. You are the heart-ornament (Nyingpo) of the Buddha’s teachings!

It also mean

By the power of the jewel of great realization of Marpa, Mila and Gampopa, Th tradition of ultimate meaning, A white lotus, blooms with resplendence, This supreme lineage of blossoming buds of means and wisdom, Arising from the ocean of being’s minds, Is protected by the circle of five-colored light.
The jeweled treasure is the heart-essence of the victor’s three kayas. The buds of scripture and realization of the lotus tradition, Bloom magnificiently In the midst of the ocean of sutra and tantra. Perfectly vivid in the center of the lamp of rainbow light.

Venerable Tsoknyi Rinpoche is a great master in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and an internationally renowned meditation teacher.
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"Simply let experience take place very freely, so that your open heart is suffused with the tenderness of true compassion."