As a Buddhist our motivation is based on compassion and free from samsara (enlightenment). Compassion is based on non-violent. Our path is to make an accomplishment.

Eight Consciousness
Eight Consciousness
  • Five sense-consciousnesses – Seeing, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch
  • Six consciousness - Mind Perception
  • Seven consciousness - Self Grasping
  • Eight consciousness – Storehouse (Alaya)
The Purpose of Mindfulness

One of the purposes of mindfulness practice is to stabilize at the six consciousness, simply noticing without judgement or interpretation. We might call this an innocent or authentic awareness, which helps us to unravel the patterns made up of sensory perceptions, memories, thoughts, and feelings, and to begin to reconnect with the basic spark.

When we stabilize on the sixth consciousness, we allow ourselves a little bit of a pause before the interpretations on the seventh consciousness begin to kick in. That little pause can make a big difference in how we interpret our experience.